Alabama CEO Barbara Stokes Makes You Feel Right at Home

Barbara Stokes is the owner of Green Structure Homes Delivered, a leading provider of housing solutions in times of disaster. Thousands of innocent victims are left homeless as storms rage through their neighborhood, demolishing the homes that are in its path. When a natural disaster strikes in the United States, Barbara and her team are hard at work and ready to help.

At Green Structure Homes, they specialize in the construction of modular homes that can be delivered to any distressed area in the country. The company is located in Huntsville, Alabama. Barbara Stokes is the founder and Chief Executive Officer. Scott Stokes serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the company. Barbara is committed to the quality of the homes, and the safety of its residents. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

The homes are constructed by experienced contractors. Barbara’s attention to detail ensures a practical, a structurally sound and safe environment. The homes are built with an exterior combining wood and steel. Each home will have fire suppression technology in place. Barbara Stokes has an extensive educational background. She is a graduate of Mercer University. Her areas of study include biomedics, engineering, manufacturing, physics, and more. She also learned about the properties of materials and thermodynamics. She is a 2001 graduate from the university.


Green structure homes is a contract provider to government disaster relief agencies, such as FEMA. Barbara Stokes learned a great deal about government contracts through her on the job experiences. Prior to starting her own company, Barbara works at two major corporations, both of which work within government contracts. She was employed at Pisces and Boeing. Her firm recently signed a contract with FEMA in the amount of $28.5 million. The company is actively looking for employees in several locations in the U,S., including Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. A few other states such as Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida are also targeted locations for expansion. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.