Andy Wirth Brings New Ventures To Squaw Valley

In a recent article in the Reno Gazette-Journal, Andy Wirth has proposed an upgrade to the area to the Olympic Valley ski resort. Anywhere this the president CEO Squaw Valley Holdings LLC. There are plans to improve the real estate to residential and Commercial development. He is also proposed to add a gondola that would connect Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski areas.

The last four years have been exceptionally tough for the area. A drought took its toll on the residents and businesses in the area. There was also political issues due to an incorporation battle and olympic valley incorporation. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings spent lots of money to impose the integration effort because it would have been post massive taxes on the businesses and residents according to Andy Wirth. The residents of the area suspected that the reason for a large amount of money opposing incorporation might be so that they did not have a controlling interest but Andy Wirth maintains he is trying to help the community and develop it in a way to be beneficial to the residents and the businesses.

Andy Wirth was born July 25th of 1963. He has worked in the hotel and ski resort industry for over 25 years. In 1986, he became his career with Steamboat Springs Resort and held many different important positions with that Corporation. He was appointed Chief marketing officer and Executive Vice President of interest in 2007. He took over as president and CEO of Squaw Valley in 2010 replacing Nancy Cushing.

Andy Wirth is also an adventurer. He found a passion for skydiving after meeting some professionals and began going up every chance he could. He would do stunts and complex menuvers. On one unfortunate outing, he had parachute trouble and ended up crashing into a vineyard. His right arm was torn off, and he almost died. He was able to have the arm reattached and has regained most of the use of his arm.