Doe Deere and Favorite Broken Fashion & Beauty Rules

Lime Crime CEO and the List
Doe Deere is the CEO and the founder of Lime Crime Makeup. She holds the belief that there are fashion and beauty rules that can be broken. She does hold the belief that many fashion rules can be viewed as suggestions. The current rules do not need to be binding. Breaking a few suggestions does not mean that you are a fashion recluse. Deere has a list of her favorite fashion and beauty rules that she breaks on a daily basis.

Favorite Rules to Break
Doe Deere is clearly a unique lady that has a chic and savvy style. She reflects her company very well. Colorful and full of life. She does indeed have some favorite fashion & beauty rules or suggestions that she breaks. These include:
1. do not mix your patterns to much; there has always been the ide that the mixing of patterns is taboo. This is a great rule to break because there are many mixtures of patterns that look stunning together. A mixture of many patterns can be very fun.

2. wearing socks with open-toed footwear; Doe loves the idea of heels and socks. Colorful socks add a touch of flare to the open-toed heel or shoe.

3. do not mix several colors together; a grand mixture of colors can be dicey and spicy. The more beautiful colors that are added will look and feel magnificent and magical.

4. do not wear bold on eyes with bold on lips; it is all right to wear bold colors on both. This is a great rule to break because Blue Milk eyeliner looks fabulous with Red Velvet lips.

5. do not mix many colors together; too many colors can look absolutely beautiful. Several color combinations look great.
These are a sample of fashion and beauty rules that Doe Deere likes to break.

Doe Deere is a Colorful CEO
Doe Deere is highly recognizable. She stands out in her uniqueness. She is one very colorful and imaginative CEO of Lime Crime Makeup. She is also the founder of wonderful cruelty-free makeup products. She is educated and knowledgeable in regards to quality and safe makeup.

Doe Deere and her Beauty Ideas
Doe Deere has very unique ideas surrounding beauty and makeup. She believes that it is meant to reflect inner beauty and vibrancy. Makeup is magical, in her mind, because it is supposed to leave everyone looking and feeling their best. This may be the reason that Doe has her own ideas on breaking some of the standard fashion and beauty rules.