George Soros Eye On Gold, Abandon Stock Options?

The industry describes George Soros as a conscious, assertive investor. His latest moves have raised questions about the trades today. Soros owns a parcel of successful boutique investment banking consultancy. With global economic performance declining, especially that of China, Soros has withdrawn his stakes in certain stock markets and companies. He began cutting back towards the last quarter of 2015 on A top investor of technology stocks, Soros withdrew his call on Alibaba Group Holdings, Alphabet-Google among others.

While he’s putting equities back on shelves, George Soros has bought into gold options. China controls the second largest economic market on a global scale. As Soros pointed out in a detailed op-ed piece focused on China’s economic status of last year, he fears a recession. In fact, George Soros made a comparison to the disastrous 2008 episode that devastated investors. Another disappointing performance for stock investments, industrial production, and retail sales sounds chaotic and familiar, right? Soros Fund Management, a class-A hedge fund manager operated by the billionaire investor George Soros recently doubled S&P 500 stocks.

Late March, the Fund secured shares estimated at $264 million (1.7 percent) in Barrick Gold Corp. The metal mining industry operates the largest production plant in the world. It’s become Soros Fund Management largest U.S.-listed holding. As of March 31, Barrick has reported steady growth trends by 39 percent. Soros has insecurities about the health of China and U.S. economy.

Hungarian investor George Soros accumulated the greater portion of his wealth from predicting economic conditions. His most notable prediction earned him a billion after successfully forecasting the British Pound. Soros started life anew in England after communism dominated Hungary. There he studied philosophy at London School of Economics. He later set out for New York where he started a career in finance and landed a position at F.M. Mayer, a top Wall Street brokerage. He later pooled investor funding and launched Quantum Fund Endowment. With a startup capital of $12 million, Soros generated substantial wealth. The billionaire supports charitable endeavors especially that of his organization, Open Society Foundations.

His official website on highlights his work as a prolific author of a series of op-ed pieces, books and blog entries. Soros often discuss topics of politics, economy, philosophy and more. His insightful commentary has guided rising investors and professionals operating global empires. He currently chairs OSF (Open Society Foundations) and Soros Fund Management both of which he established. OSF supports some 100 countries worldwide focusing on democracy, human rights, and other philosophical endeavors. His organizations have supported many countries transitioning from communism. A liberal, Soros has funded several political campaigns throughout his career. In fact, he endorsed the Pro-Hillary PAC and a few others last year the NYTimes reports.