How Ross Abelow Is Giving A Hand To The Animal Shelters Of NYC

The world can be a harsh place at times. There are many things going on every single day that makes it seem like there is no end to, what is for some, bleak times. For those who are able, they give to charities when they can. There are so many deserving causes to give to, so it can be difficult to just pick one. Difficult, but not impossible.

There is one cause that not many are giving attention to. There is a growing number of homeless animals. When thinking of homeless animals the first thought is, that’s what shelters are for. Yes, and no. Shelters are meant to house homeless pets until a home could be found for them, but the number of homeless animals far outweigh the facilities available to house them.

The problem goes deeper than that. The funds available are lacking as well. There’s even more. The weather as of late is not in these poor animals favor. This last winter was quite brutal, and that left many homeless animals to fend for themselves, often ending in them succumbing to illness and hunger. This all sounds so awful, yet there is hope. Lawyer, Ross Abelow, has made a GoFundMe page to help the cause.

This particular fundraising campaign is specifically for the shelters in New York City. The money raised will go toward food, medicine, and other things necessary to keep these shelter animals healthy and comfortable. It was initially just for the winter but has now been extended to last until the summer. Every penny helps and will be greatly appreciated.

Ross Abelow of Abelow & Cassandro LLP. is located in New York City. Mr. Abelow deals with both the entertainment and family aspect of the law. He’s been at it for over 25 years and unlike most lawyers, who only specialize in one type of law, him being proficient in more than one is uncommon. Another thing about Abelow is that even with his busy schedule, he maintains a blog. With his work and his charitable endeavors, it is plain to see that Ross Abelow is a very talented and generous person.

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