The Mighty Fortress Church – Making Families Stronger

The state of Minnesota is home to wide range of churches. Many are historical and display unique architecture. One good example is the Church of St. Agnes in the city of St. Paul. Built in the Baroque-style and completed in 1912, it is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Its steeple is over 200-feet tall and capped with a copper dome. The interior can accommodate up to 1000 people. In the style of European churches of its day, it has a limestone wall topped with a red clay roof, giving it a distinctive appearance. Visit to know more.

A more modern example is St. John’s Abbey and University Church in Collegeville, built in 1961. It possesses a 118-ft tall concrete bell tower and the world’s largest wall of stained-glass windows.

The Abbey and University Church was designed for a diverse group of congregants consisting of the population of the local parish, Benedictine monks, students of various schools, and visitors. The church design was based on a trapezoid shape so that all of those present could engage in a participation in church services. The bell tower stands 112 feet tall and holds five bells calling the parishioners to services. Watch this video on Youtube.

Joining in the list of notable churches is The Mighty Fortress Church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. The Mighty Fortress Church helps its members to grow in faith to God, to honor and respect all people, to grow their faith and to accept God’s word as the final authority.

The Mighty Fortress Church is overseen by senior pastor Bishop Thomas Williams, who brings into his ministry 30 years of serving the Lord. He is a respected minister of the Gospel promoting the application of the wisdom and treasure in the biblical principles found in the word of God.

Bishop Williams teaches the direct application of the answers found in the bible to the problems facing today’s world. He tells his followers to resolve their difficulties with others and act as bridge builders to span differences.